A Legacy of Faith

Selected Sermons by J. W. Whitney
1. The Virgin Birth of Christ
2. You Must Be Born Again
3. The Purpose of His [Second] Coming
4. Who Was Melchisedec?
5. Nation Shall Rise Against Nation
6. A Message on Tithing

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J. W. (Bill) Whitney

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The inspiration for this Web site came as a result of a Sunday School class attended by one of Bill Whitney's granddaughters. The teacher that day had the same last name as her grandfather although he's not related. Don Whitney, author of several books, was teaching a lesson on Christian journaling. He emphasized how important it is to write down one's insights, thoughts, prayers, etc. for future generations so that Christians' lives may prove to be greater influences to those who follow after. She sat there thinking about all of Grandpa Whitney's sermons that had been hidden and unread in notebooks and/or boxes for half a century.

She vividly remembered hearing her grandfather say that God had given him these sermons for someone else to use after he was gone. She wanted to do something to make a start in getting the sermons out of their hiding places and into the hands and hearts of his posterity or anyone else whom God may choose.

At first Bill wrote the sermons by hand. Later his family gave him an old typewriter which he taught himself to use. He sat for hours each day typing his heart out as sermons were slowly and diligently being preserved for the benefit of others.

On May 13, 1957, just two months prior to his death, Bill Whitney wrote the following note:

"I have gone from my knees to the typewriter whenever I started to write, after much prayer and meditation both day and night. By searching the Scripture diligently, I can write no other way and keep clear with God. And may the Good Lord straighten out the mistakes and blunders of His ignorant servant is my prayer."

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